The ultimate love declaration
to the power of abstraction

“Love is everything. Everything. It is the ultimate thing that gets us worked up, removes all reasoning and all reason. That’s why love is splendid, it has the most beautiful means of transporting us.”

Philippe Starck

Starck’s Poem

“It was the day when everything stopped. Then time began again, to the rhythm of a heartbeat, the sun approached, the air became music, thoughts came together. The world in harmony. Around You, around Us. It was the day that I recognized you, it was the day that I disappeared into your skin. It was the day when only love remained. For You.”

A fragrance that transcends

towards infinity

Peau D’Amour the scent of a deep emotion that cannot be described nor understood, the scent of a torrid romance. An addictive, powdery and floral perfume, explosive and deliciously intoxicating, that sweeps everything away.



An intense nectar that reveals red flashes of incandescent character, sublimated by the warm and carnal facets of the Orange blossom and sambac jasmine. In turn, the floral and feminine intensity of this perfume’s heart is transformed to reveal a veil of mineral, incandescent ashes, as the subliminal presence of her lover at the core of this sensual feminine fragrance.


The sensuality of this woman is represented by the powerful and vibrant red color of the packaging, with a glossy finish that makes the elegant gold of the calligraphy stand out, catching our attention instantly.
Like the rest of the family, the bottle maintains the same elegant aesthetic, this time, incorporating an engraved segment of a love poem by Starck.

This love is shown in the visual of the new Peau d’Amour, with a collage made up of an image that shows seduction in its purest state, and where the face of a woman is transformed into dry petals that, together with the bottle, are the main attraction.



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