Dominique Ropion has mastered the art of blending sometimes extreme scents, with no limits but with precision. Always ready to experiment with unexpected and even novel balances, he has understood the concept of this olfactory work to be a sensual, organic form in which, through the softness of the female skin, the mysterious, subterranean territory of feminine beauty can be sensed.

Annick Menardo, among whose many talents is bringing free thought and an analytical spirit to her work, was inspired by a picture of a meteorite that offered an invitation to a long, new voyage: to somewhere close to the unknown, in this void that is everything but nothingness.

Daphné Bugey has never sacrificed her instincts to the mastery of her art. Curious, imaginative, sensitive, her personality predisposed her to undertaking this research, for which no specific goal was set. It was from thinking about the fascinating beauty of a black hole, dense, attractive and enigmatic, that the idea of reconciling opposites arose: light and dark, masculine and feminine.

"Each of my choices was guided by EMOTION carried by raw materials. Peau de Nuit Infinie reveals the depth of a dark, impenetrable and unforgettable night. Beyond the night shadows, its scent is one of an introspective journey, rich with countless possibilities.”


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